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Apple's ARM Based Macbook could be THE NEXT BIG THING

        Apple has recently unveiled its brand-new M1 chip for the latest Mac series of devices. The M1 comes with some unique quirks that we have never seen in processors present in the current-generation of laptops. The M1 is based on the ARM-Architecture which we commonly see in processors or chips inside a smartphone. On the other hand, Intel and AMD are still using the traditional x86-Architecture for processors and that's what makes the new ARM-Based MacBook quite interesting.



        Laptops are known to last for a couple of hours on a single charge and that's where ARM makes a big difference. ARM-based chips are known to be power efficient, as compared to traditional architecture. But, there are downsides of using an ARM-Architecture for processors. ARM-based processors aren't considered to be as powerful as their x86-counterpart. That's how it's supposed to be, in theory, but it's clearly NOT the case here.

        The new MacBook has managed to surpass its intel-based predecessor, and that's what made me think that Apple’s ARM-based MacBook could be a new revolution in the laptop industry. 


We will be talking about

  • Video about the topic
  • Specifications
  • Specialties
  • M1 Vs The Competitors
  • The Next Big Thing
  • Conclusion


Before we jump into reading, I have made an entire video about this topic in English. So, if you are interested, Go check it out! However, this video will only focus about the main topic and the conclusion.

 Now, let's look at the specifications of the new M1!

Specifications of Apple's M1 Processor 

1. Chip:  

  • Chip is based on a 5-nm process.  
  • There are 16 billion transistors packed inside a single chip.   

2. Cores:  

  • The new M1 has 8 processing cores(4 high-performance cores and 4 high-efficiency cores). 
  • The new M1 has 8 graphical processing cores.

3. CPU Performance:
The single-core score for the new MacBook Pro M1 is 1519, which is actually higher than the iMac having an Intel Core i9-10910.



The multicore score for the new MacBook Pro M1 is 7479 that makes it powerful than the previous-gen 16-inch MacBook Pro, which has an Intel Core i9-9880H.

4. GPU Performance:

Graphics performance benchmark score is around 20000. The new M1 chip seems to be ahead of the best-integrated graphics from Intel and AMD, but it still not on the level of a dedicated graphics chip. 

What's SPECIAL in the new ARM-Based MacBook?

The new MacBook comes in 3 different categories, i.e. MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and a Mac Mini. The MacBook Air comes with a no-fan configuration, while the pro model does have a fan inside. All of them are using the same chip, which means that all of them are going to be competitive when it comes to performance.

        The MacBook Air comes with a no-fan configuration meaning that it doesn't need fans for cooling. This is because ARM requires less power when it comes to consuming power. Less power means less heat generated by the chip, which means that there is less need for cooling. 


  • Power-efficiency 
  • Performance 
  • Silent Workstation  
  • Inter-Platform Compatibility
  • Thermal Throttling 


As we all know, iPhones are known for using smaller batteries but still managing to be on par as compared to the Beefier-Android counterpart. That's NOT the case with the MacBooks. The MacBooks are outlasting significantly longer as compared to their windows counterparts while using smaller batteries. This is all thanks to the lower power draw by ARM-Architecture and a few tweaks made to improve efficiency and performance.

        When you are doing basic tasks like web browsing, watching videos, etc. then the chip disables high-performance cores, and utilizes high-efficiency cores, and prevents unnecessary power draw.

        Apple says that they have improved 50 percent of battery life efficiency as compared to the previous generation of MacBooks. They claim up to 20 hours of video playback time, which is ridiculous compared to anything available on the market!         


There is a huge leap in performance, when we compare it with the previous Intel-based MacBooks. In terms of performance, the M1 is ahead of the previous generation of MacBook, which makes it the best of both worlds(both in terms of performance and battery life). This confirms that the latest MacBook can beat other high-end windows laptops in the market.

        Apple's latest M1 chip is beating Intel processors very easily when it comes to single-core performance. In terms of multi-core performance, Apple's M1 is on par with AMD's Ryzen lineup. Intel is known for its single-core performance, while AMD is known for its multi-core performance. Apple has managed to beat both intel and AMD in their own game.

Silent Workstation

Laptops are known for being noisy when they are doing some intensive tasks. Some people get really annoyed by that noise. Since MacBook Air has no fan inside it, means that it will remain silent as long as you are using the laptop. The new MacBook Air seems like a blessing for that type of individual.                

        MacBook Pro's are also similar to its junior brother when it comes to being a silent workstation. The fan does kick-in after taking a significant amount of time under heavy load on the new MacBook Pro. So, it's safe to conclude that the MacBook is a silent workstation.

Inter-platform Compatibility
There are around 1.9 million apps available in Apple's app store. Now, Apple is using mobile ARM-processors on its MacBook lineup. Because of this, iPhone apps can easily be ported to the MacBook, and that's a huge advantage when it comes to app support. Now, you will see developers working to provide inter-platform compatibility to iOS apps for MacBook. Now, you can expect more apps coming to macOS, in the future.

Thermal Throttling

Thermal throttling is an issue where the processor drops its clock speed due to high temperature. The previous generation of MacBooks had a thermal throttling issue. But, the new MacBook consumes less power wattage than its predecessor, and ARM-Chips aren't known to require that much cooling as compared to the traditional laptop processor. I think it's safe to say that MacBook will thermal throttle less judging by the fact that MacBook Air has no fan inside.


How M1 is SPECIAL as compared to the REST of the Processors  

Usually, every component is separate and spread all across on a traditional motherboard. But, the new ARM-Based MacBook is different in that regard. The CPU, GPU, RAM, I/O, T2, and Thunderbolt controller are all inside in a single chip, connected with a high bandwidth fabric. Because of this fabric, it will reduce latency, increase efficiency, and improve performance significantly!

How Apple's ARM-based MacBook is GOING to be THE NEXT BIG THING 

ARM-Architecture is not a brand-new technology. ARM is currently being used in our smartphones, and it has existed for more than a decade. After all, The concept of a smartphone isn't possible without ARM. This architecture is the technology behind the smartphone. The old architecture used by Intel and AMD consumes higher TDP as compared to the ARM-Architecture. Less power consumption means less heat produced by the processor. That's why there is no fan inside a smartphone, and it's NOT just about low TDP and cooling. CPU, GPU, RAM, and I/O, etc. are packed inside a single chip. As a result, Data travels faster in components as compared to the traditional motherboard. This will improve the response of the components resulting in a snappier user experience.

        In my opinion, Apple's move to ARM will put pressure on competitors like Intel and AMD. This will lead to new windows computers based on ARM. The applications of using an ARM-based chip for laptops are huge as compared to traditional processors. But that doesn't mean traditional chips are going away. The performance provided by traditional x86-Architecture is huge. Desktops can still benefit from using x86-Architecture. However, ARM is better for battery-oriented devices like laptops, tablets, etc.

        Some of you may already know, Qualcomm and Microsoft are already working on bringing ARM to windows. Devices like Samsung Galaxy Book 2 and Surface Pro X already exist on the market that has a Snapdragon 8cx inside. But, Performance is not that good. It will take some time for Microsoft and Qualcomm to run windows on ARM.



Laptops are always known for their worse battery-life, at the cost of performance. Either you can get good battery-life, or you can have a good performance. But, the introduction of the new M1 chip for MacBook changes things for Apple laptops.


  1. Apple products are way too expensive for people like us,I'm mean like me.😅😔

    1. Yup... They sure are expensive! But, they also sell top of the line products in different categories like iPhone, iPad and Macbook. For example: iPhone has the most powerful chip inside entire smartphone industry and the same goes for iPads and Macbooks. So, Overprice is an understatement for Apple at this point! xD


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